About the YUZU (Citrus

Around New Year’s celebrations and snow falling season, instead, the part of winter in Japan that give us the excited is the appearance of the “Yuzu” fruit, which is sometimes called “citron” in English.

We did heating process twice to prevent fermentation by yeast occurs. Then, our Yuzu Juice can be stored at normal temperature for three months.

Heating process is a kind of heat sterilization; its temperature zone is relatively low and short time to avoid spoiling the quality of yuzu. 


Payment terms: Payment in advance by Paypal


Shipping date: Within two weeks after confirmed the your payment.


Frozen Yuzu Juice


Ingredients: Yuzu from Shikoku and Kyushu in Japan. (Yuzu 100% pure. Additive free and Salt free)

Shelf life: 12 months (Store in a Room temperature),  2 years (Store in a Freezer)

  The product can be transported at the normal temperature. If you would keep the Yuzu Juice in the refrigerator or the freezer after you received the product, it is possible to preserve the Yuzu Juice for one year or more.

Storage: Please save normal temperature. Once opened it, store in refrigerator.

Net weight: 200mL

Packaging: 200mL/glass bottle

Note that we have another size of yuzu juice: 20kg

20kg(Outer: cardboard box) 
20kg(Outer: cardboard box) 
20kg (Inner: Plastic bag)
20kg (Inner: Plastic bag)