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GERMNON LLC is a Japanese food manufacture and a trading company established in 2007. 

We have been exporting "FREEZE DRIED ITEMS", "YUZU JUICE", "YUZU ITEMS" and "FINE FOODS" to through the world. 

We care deeply about food quality and introduce high-quality  Japanese foods to the world. Our products are healthy and safe, without any additives or artificial colors.The Dried products have a large advantage to exporting to foreign countries on the point that those are possible to preserved it at room temperature and have along shelf life.

About the Yuzu products, we have been try to produce the high quality yuzu juice and yuzu peel have a rich aroma and no bitterness to meet the need of customers.  

We specialized in products as below. 

  1. Freeze dried fruits and vegetables

  2. Dehydrated products (Yuzu and Spices)

  3. Yuzu juice and Yuzu products

  4. Dehydrated Sea vegetables 

We have been exporting the Yuzu Juice and other items to EU by 20" & 40" Reefer container (FCL) throughout the year.


YUZU PONZU (is a Japanese savory-sweet-citrusy condiment and dressing) 







News about our Dried vegetables.

"GERMNON VEGE" have been appeared in "nobu's vegetarian cookbook" on 2011 and "Nobu's Sushi book" on 2012 (This book will come out spring on 2013 in USA and EU).

 If you want to buy our products, please contact us by "Contact us" of this site.   

About the Paypal: You can use your cresit card to pay for the payment.   We'll send you an email with simple instructions. You can pay more securely with the click of a button, even if they don’t have a PayPal account.



弊社商品のご購入を希望される方は、お手数ですが Contact us」からお問い合わせください。今年度よりPaypalでお支払い頂くことが可能となりました。クレジットカードで商品代金をお支払い頂けます。


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Dear Valuable Customers,

Thank you so much for joining us on SIRHA and GULFOOD. We appreciate your taking time from your busy schedule to be with us. Your discussion was both interesting and informative. 

It was a pleasure having you on the show. We wish you continued success and happiness of both of us.

SIRHA in Lyon, FRANCE on January, 2023 

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