GERMNON TOUGARASHI (Japanese Pepper has a unique flavor)

Sansho is a fantastic Japanese pepper that has a unique aroma and flavor. Sansho powder is not hot or pungent like black pepper, but has slight lemonly overtones and creates a tingly numbness in the mouth (It's earthy and tangy with a bit of lemon).  When put directly on your tongue, you will notice a sort of tingling sensation. And it is recognized as one of the luxury spice in Japan.


GERMNON PEPPER (Japanese pepper) is finished up in a very feature powder while making the best use of the flavor of the Sansho, Yuzu and Chilli pepper.     


Ingredients: Japanese Pepper (Sansho), Yuzu, Chilli pepper 

      (All ingredienst are from Gifu pref. in Japan.) 

                  This product containes no artificial additives.