This is the dried mature kombu (Ingredients: Kelp from Hokkaido) for making soup stock.

In Japan, we understand that aged kombu is the art because a slaw fermentation gives a great savory (UMAMI) to Dried Kombu. Famous Japanese restaurants choice the aged kombu for three or five years to their cooking.

Our new dried mature kombu has a fantastic flavor as same as aged kombu by our unique processing technics.






Kombu (Kelp) from Hokkaido


Without any food additives.





The Features of Dried Mature Kombu

1.    No smelling of the seashore and No slimy texture.

2.    Easy to use: Just soaking it in hot water for 5 minutes.

3.    Low Cost: Only 10 cents for one person.  

4.    Shelf life: One and half year in room temperature.